Massage Enhancements

Starting 1/22/21, all Massage services will be paused until further notice.
Please contact Front Desk for more details.
Cucumber Eye Patches

Add $4.75

Small but mighty, these nutrient-rich wonders will not just make your eyes look amazing, you will feel completely refreshed and energized after your massage!

Sugar Hand Scrub

Add $11.50

No time for a pedicure today? We can smooth and soothe your tired feet with natural salt from the sea while you're relaxing the rest of your body!

Mini Clear My Head Treatment

Add $18

15 min

This is a great introduction to the Clear My Head treatments & it can be added to any massage!

Aromatherapy Oils

Add $6.50

Feeling stressed? Fatigued? Want to deepen your relaxation and calm your mind? We can add your choice of essential oils to your massage to intensify your experience and elevate your spirits!

Additional Stretching

Add $16

15 min

Add a quarter-hour of Therapist-induced stretching to your regular massage for deeper relaxation and increased range of motion.

Add TMJ Enhancement to Any Massage *

Add $22 *on hold until after COVID19

15 min

**This service has been put on hold until after the COVID-19 pandemic. **

Sea Salt Foot Glow

Add $11.50

Soothe your hands in the sweetest possible way while you relax your entire body!

Hot Stone Treat

Add $17.50

Chill out by turning up the heat! The placement of perfectly heated basalt stones on back muscles can encourage them to achieve deeper relaxation without the need for rigorous manipulation. Peacefulness perfected!

CBD Treatment

Add $13

Chill out while your Therapist adds this non-psychoactive essential oil-infused massage cream to any massage. CBD calms inflammation, soothes sore muscles & feelings of anxiety while leaving a refreshing scent & cool, tingly feeling on your skin that lasts.